3d coat psd texture auto updating

14-Oct-2019 11:55

There are workarounds to this, but some can be lengthy.

If you are that concerned about polygon modelling, you could always buy 3D-Coat and Silo and still be well under the cost of its closest Z-competitor.

Add to this a layer system mirroring Photoshop’s own, complete with blending modes, and you’re onto a real winner.

With App Links you can also jump between the two applications with ease, as you can also do with Maya, Modo, Light Wave and a host of others.

With that in mind, if you don’t fancy painting directly onto polygons or voxels you could use the more tradition, 2D route within the Texture Editor, inside 3D-Coat.

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Colouring actual pixels rather than polygons is ideal for game development, particularly on lower-resolution models.

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So far Id just done this creating objects and making them flat - but this isn't ideal.

Next to keep the live updating I tried selecting a PSD as my material texture and UV unwrapping like this, but the PSD doesn't update live.Being cheaper than the mainstream is not automatically a sign of inferiority.3D-Coat is a feature-packed application best known for its texture painting, voxel sculpting and solid retopology tools.

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