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13-Feb-2020 23:33

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All of them were there, carefully folded and stuffed behind the bookshelf. I’ll meet you downstairs for the team dinner later on.” Bucky’s head swiveled as Natasha grabbed her sandwich before closing the door gently behind her. Tony stared at the open bookshelf, and Bucky could see the sheer look of terror cross Tony’s face.

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' "I am not acting like mom, if I were mom I would have locked you in your room with the bible, and hope to God that your boy obsession went away"Megan didn't think that was funny. " House exclaimed 'Like hell would I ever let her go out with a boy who is to dimwitted to figure out his fuckin' pant size' he thought to himself."Oh come on, that's the style! So, next time you come to pick her up instead of sitting here with me, do something useful, like taking out the trash""Uh huh" Jess said, noticing the cane by this crazy mans side. House could do to him."Fourth" House said, continuing his little rules, "You do not touch my daughter in front of me.Bucky had reached over many times in the early morning and late evenings and found only an apologetic note in Tony’s stead.