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26-Jul-2020 13:39

You’ve said all the right stuff, you’ve clearly communicated the value .

For all intents and purposes, if your message isn’t reaching the right people, it doesn’t matter what you say or how good your listing is.

I’ve been in this place myself – and in those moments, I’ve used all of these tactics and ideas at one time or another.

In many cases, they have provided precisely the change/improvement/fine-tuning that was needed to generate interest from the right people and get my properties SOLD!

I know from experience that it is a very helpless and discouraging feeling to be “stuck” with a property that nobody seems to want.

When you pour a lot of time and money into the deal that nobody seems to care about – it can really create some mental setbacks for an investor…

Sometimes it’s because your pictures are terrible, sometimes it’s because you haven’t provided enough basic information, and sometimes you just haven’t conveyed WHY your property is so valuable (location, comps, features, potential uses, etc.).

In short, you are failing to connect the dots in the minds of your buyers.

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Getting your property in front of the right eyeballs is a big deal.I hate to say it – but most buyers aren’t going to scroll down to page 50 just to see your listing…if you’re not front and center, you won’t be seen by the masses – so be sure you’re staying on top of this whenever possible.When you have your marketing hat on, it’s all about letting the world know what you have to offer. if only 1 in 1,000 people will be a REAL, viable buyer for your property, this means you need to get your listing in front of When you’re dealing with websites like Craigslist, Backpage and e Bay Classifieds (where ads get pushed off the front page pretty quickly), you MUST renew these ads on a regular basis in order to stay in front of people.

If you don’t keep this information near the top of each list, – this is just a fact of life.

Remember – at this stage of the game (when people are getting their first glance at your property) you’re selling a dream, so write about your property in a way that makes it sound like a .

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