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Since online chat is only one of several internal systems used at Roku to make agents’ work easier more of Live Chat’s features are used, for instance customer ID provided in the pre-chat form is automatically passed further and used by the internal systems.

Roku utilizes help desk integration to display chat invitations in Zendesk and automatically pass the chat transcript to the CRM.

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It was meant to improve our communication and that has worked great! Even though Roku started with only 10 concurrent agents in September 2010, after successful tests quickly upgraded to 25 accounts.

This will naturally mean increased needs in terms of customer service and technical support, but with Live Chat’s pay as you grow subscription model, Roku will easily be able to add more operators.

Vincent has also asked questions about Live Chat plans regarding development of more advanced reporting and statistics features – Roku’s need for measuring all dimensions of their chats combined with further development of management options for multiple teams create a challenge and become one of directions for Live Chat’s improvements in 2012. Since launching the first Netflix streaming player in 2008, Roku has delivered streaming entertainment to more than one million customers in the U. It features more than 350 entertainment channels including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Angry Birds and HBO GO.

There's actually little comparison when you consider Fyre TV is the only porn pay per view service sophisticated enough to allow you to stream porn DVDs to any device.

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What this means to you is that you can watch XXX movies on your TV using Roku, Boxee, Google TV or Apple TV! Or, if you prefer you can watch adult videos on demand on your computer or on any mobile device including both i Phone and Android.California-based company relied on outsourced and in-house support teams, offering phone support and online help desk between 8am and 8pm PST.