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26-Mar-2020 23:56

When men attempt to crack the female code, they often make the mistake of approaching it like a warrior and developing elaborate tactics.The Seduction and Pick Up Artist community has come up with a set of truly bizarre rules based on THEORY and TRIAL and ERROR.Because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or bruise their ego’s I softened my opinions and made my feedback less harsh.Until one day I witnessed one of my guy friends, Dave, hitting on a girl and failing MISERABLY. How he could tell what that women was thinking/feeling 7. What women “REALLY” mean when they say things and Tons More…When I say miserable, I don’t mean he just struck out and the girl walked away. During this time Dave asked me a million questions and we went over past mistakes he had made and I advised him on how to make sure he never made those again.I mean, failing to a point where even I felt embarrassed for his actions. Attractive, Intelligent, Great Family, Caring Man, Genuine, Funny. After this first “session” with me, Dave gave me a hug and revealed to me that I had just given him the key that every man wants.Who understands how a woman works better than a woman?

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Therefore, I would resort to typical “female” behaviors that would confuse men leaving them frustrated and angry. Or were these Key Characteristics of Attraction universal to all women? So I created the “VIP Insiders Club For Men Who Win” a monthly club that gives men the upper hand with women.

And, I have interviewed thousands of women to verify my discovery.

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