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04-Jan-2020 12:41

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It also had the effect of knocking him out of training just a few days short of graduation and professionally damaging him long before a single charge had been filed.

According to trial testimony and sworn statements included in Turpiano’s post-trial request for clemency, OSI investigators intimidated witnesses, coercing statements implicating Turpiano in misconduct.

It’s also inappropriate for a commander who might be called upon as an objective decision maker in a criminal case to participate in an interrogation of a material witness.

Others provided similar accounts unofficially but refused to cooperate with Turpiano’s defense, citing fear of reprisal by the chain of command and fear of being placed under investigation by OSI.

One of the charges Turpiano eventually faced involved an allegation of inappropriate touching while dancing with a female officer at a nightclub.

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The law requires that a custodial interview cease when counsel is requested, and that counsel be present for any further questioning.She worried in particular about dangerous politicization and bias in the commander-led disciplinary system, which threatened to give one airman the power to ruin the life of another with four simple words: “The case of Maj.Michael Turpiano demonstrates just how horrifically valid that worry has proven to be …This is a serious ethical violation and possibly classifiable as prosecutorial misconduct.

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The two agents working Turpiano’s case spent ten months compiling a 387-page report of investigation.

Those with a working familiarity of the Air Force justice process recognize this latter charge as a catch-all criminalizing disapproved acts that don’t specifically violate another article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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