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17-Jan-2020 04:14

“A lot happened after the last record we released [in 2011], and we address that in ‘One Lost Day.’” For more than three decades, the Indigo Girls’ lyrics have inspired people to stop sweating the small stuff.

The words of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers reassured fans from all corners of the globe that it’s OK to take life a little less seriously—it’s only life, after all.

It’s a mutual love session that continues to enhance both parties and has nothing to do with record sales or popularity. She raises her voice because she feels the social responsibility to help improve the communities and lives around her effervescent sphere.

Amy Ray is a tough chick with a heart of gold and millions of fans to back her up.

“When we play shows, I want people to sing, to yell out things, to feel a sense of connection with other people in the audience,” she says. I want the music to bring us together.” Tickets for this show are sold out.

To join the waiting list, visit the CU Presents box office in person (972 Broadway) or call 303-492-8008 during business hours.

The critical object that sets the 25-plus year musician apart from other musical acts out there today is that she is humble and kind in her sharing.

“Amy recently lost her father and experienced the birth of a child, and I married my partner and have a 3-year-old daughter,” Saliers says.I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Amy Ray on the release day for and I wanted to share the interview again with her fans here at The Seattle Lesbian.