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fame is more than up to the challenge as he brings his talents (of questionably mutant proportions -- yep, he’s that good) to his dual role of Dr.

Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin in the Broadway mega-hit .

Gribrock), Adam Ray Dyer (Meeks, Purse Snatcher, Kraven the Hunter, Kong, The Lizard, A Gangster, Trainer, Carnage, Electro), Drew Heflin (Trainer, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, The Lizard, Swarm), Craig Henningsen (Kraven the Hunter), Dana Marie Ingraham (Purse Lady, Ring Girl, Swarm), Elizabeth Judd (Mary Jane Watson, Mary Jane Watson), Aaron La Vigne (A Gangster, Viper Executive, Flash, Danny, Lab Assistant, Buttons, Boyle, Ring Announcer, Bud, Kong, Newsboy, Stokes, Meeks, Travis, Robertson, A Gangster, Mary Jane's Father), Megan Lewis (Receptionist, MJ's Friend, Purse Lady), Ari Loeb (The Lizard, Trainer, Newsboy, Carnage, Purse Snatcher), Natalie Lomonte (Ring Girl, Purse Lady, Ring Girl, Purse Snatcher), Kevin Loomis (Bud, Robertson, Ring Announcer, Danny, Lab Assistant), Ken Marks (J.

Version 1.0 The following is a synopsis of the show as it was performed in its preview period from November 28, 2010 to April 17, 2011.Also, it’s a comic book, so you want to have fun with it.” Not surprisingly, Cuccioli enjoys toying with the Green Goblin’s more amusing moments.“The situations he ends up in are humorous, as are the ways he approaches them.“It’s not something I sought,” Cuccioli says regarding the similarities between the two sets of characters.

“Even though they are both dual roles, they’re telling two different stories—and they are two different genres.“There are a lot of people who are more into comic books and Spider-Man than theatre—and a lot of kids,” he explains.