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06-May-2020 01:49

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Polish dancing Medieval jousting Beethoven appreciation club Shakespearean club Cowboy skills club Whatever OP. Nothing worse than focusing to find something and with that focus.. You'll meet Chinese lads within your age group as well as people all over the world. I think the fact that she mentioned "Chinese" rather than "Asian" strengthens that argument and so it is LESS of a racial thing and more of a cultural identity thing. Because that is the apples vs pears comparison you are making.I know the one I sometimes go to is a veritable sausage-fest some nights ;-). I don't have a problem if for example an Australian-born woman of Dutch background wanted to find connection with Dutch men. You are probably right but that is how the OP feels and as long as it isn't racist (which it isn't), you or I shouldn't have a problem with it.Hi Whirlpoolers, you always give good advice so here goes.Moved from Melbourne for work, enjoying scenic Sydney but struggling a bit on the dating front. I want to find "my tribe" so to speak, a place of belonging. Having said that, I don't necessarily get along with every Chinese...course we are all still individuals which is why I want to find my own tribe.Nonsense, you should be open minded and try to fit in with others regardless of race.

I understand this happens for various reasons, but we should be encouraging migrants to participate, not withdraw.

I see your post like someone coming here from the USA and saying " where can I meet American girls – I only want to date American women".

Which again, is entirely different to "I think X are really Y and Z where can I meet them ? OP has claimed they only want to associate with Chinese ppl.

You can increase your chances by picking bigger groups and doing your activities in areas with higher Asian populations, and looking at activities that are a bit more popular with Asians generally.

Also I'd choose activities where you are likely to interact.

I can tell you a lot of non-asian people won't even want to touch the matter (white or black), so let's just keep it civil and ignore the other side of the elephant in the room. People think the society is so progressive, but you if tried, you'll get shot down over 95% of the time due to some silly dispute about religion and so on. I would suggest building a network of Chinese Australian friends.