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They portrayed the Paulk ministers as diabolical manipulators, saying they used their spiritual authority and their "kingdom theology" to justify extra-marital relationships. Later that year, Don Paulk publicly confessed to an extramarital affair. He allowed him to preach every other Sunday and beamed with pride when D. The bishop had hired many down-on-their luck pastors to prop them up until they could find work and support their families again.

Are we all captive to the arc of our family history, no matter what we do? In 1992, six Chapel Hill women publicly accused the bishop, his brother, Don, and two Paulk nephews who were ministers of manipulating them into sexual relationships. E.'s name alongside his own on the brick entrance to Chapel Hill. Yet as he grew into this new role, his preaching riled the bishop. The bishop didn't tell him he was wrong but ordered him to wait to preach that message until people were ready. "We had that first moment of I'm a man of God now, too," D. The church's staff had grown to around 300, including 26 full-time pastors. We talk about re-firing." His body would not listen.

was about to learn whether the whispers he'd heard were true. But he was ostracized by fellow pastors when he started preaching a message of universal salvation: God doesn't just accept Christians but people of other faiths. He's now the director of New Dimensions Chicago church. E.'s anger at the bishop grew, Pearson warned him to not lose perspective. "Now this is with me closing my church down, putting my family and little kids in harm's way to rescue him," D. The overseer told him to turn around, walk out of the door and pretend they'd never talked. Only superhuman people get to preach." Though the bishop never apologized to his family, he tried to reach out to D.

He was a star in the Pentecostal world, an award-winning gospel singer and practically a second son to Oral Roberts. The "sting" caught the bishop telling her that he would walk away from his family just to be with her. "For him to say he will walk away from us to be with her – yeah, I was mad. Once, when the bishop was a young husband, he went to a church overseer to confess adulterous thoughts. He said he knew long before anyone else that there was a reason D.

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was the only male offspring with the Paulk surname. The Paulks identified with African-Americans because they themselves felt like outsiders as poor Pentecostals in rural Georgia. We were not accepted; we were the minority," Don Paulk says. They were riding a wave: the rise of evangelical Christians in America. E.'s father's face in some of the photos taken during Chapel Hill's rise. "I still have notebooks and notebooks from when he would preach," D. The Paulks were Pentecostals who were looked down upon by other Christians for their fervent worship services and belief in signs and wonders from God.