Cancer survivors and dating speed dating in west palm beach florida

15-Jun-2020 04:22

I’m on and The League, the members-only app that I admit is a little pretentious.

I say in my profile that I’m involved with the breast cancer charity The Pink Agenda, but I don’t mention my diagnosis or link to my Instagram, which has pictures of me doing things as a survivor. It’s about my life, and I I almost always talk about my cancer on the first date.

Finding my partner is important, but I’ve been busy working and getting my doctorate.

Now that I’ve finished, dating will take a higher priority.

Once upon a time, women who have survived cancer will tell you, the fact that you’d been through the horror of a diagnosis and surgery was not public information—not at work and certainly not on a first date.

Flash forward to 2016 and, experts say, there’s a very different attitude.

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So now that I am, my attitude is, ' F--k it, this is me.“Breast cancer survivors offer a unique understanding of the value of life—and love.”) The women you’re about to meet— Jenny, Kristina, and Nicole—are proof.

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