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It would therefore appear to be a safe bet for a landlord to bring an AST to an end using Section 21 if, for instance, the landlord wants to live in the property, intends to sell it or the relationship with the tenant has broken down.

However, there are many pitfalls that novice landlords may not be aware of.

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This means that if a landlord fails to provide the documents listed above, they could still end an AST using the Section 21 route, provided that they correct the mistake, i.e. However, if the deposit is not protected within the 30-day period or the tenant is not given the relevant documents within that time, the landlord will still be liable to pay the tenant compensation for failure to comply with the deposit protection rules (regardless of whether the deposit has been returned to the tenant).

The compensation awarded will be calculated at between one and three times the amount of the deposit.

Below is a summary of the hurdles that must be overcome before a landlord can lawfully bring an AST to an end with the help of a Section 21 Notice.

Before landlords can even consider bringing an AST to an end using a Section 21 notice, they must ensure they have given their tenant the following documents: The safest way to provide these documents is in hard copy and to send them to the tenant in accordance with the ‘notices’ section of the tenancy agreement.This article is aimed at private landlords of residential properties let on ASTs, who want to bring them to an end, on no-fault grounds.