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What I think the show does quite successfully is I feel like it has that really nice balance of, “Yes this was so much fun, it was incredible, all these different types of people lived here,” but then at the same time it really shows that darker side of what happened.

Just when you start to get comfortable they pull the rug out from underneath your feet and say, “This is actually what happened.” It is a celebration as well as a mourning of what happened in the ’60s.

Thenwas quite exciting because it was completely new so it is always beautiful to work on something that nobody has done before it means you get to put your own stamp on it from the beginning.

And also it sounded like the most incredible place.

I love that he balanced the aftermath of what happened so it’s not just like, “There was District Six and then the show ends.” He shows where people went to. I like that he doesn’t just end the show, he brings it back to the now, to this little girl because there are probably lots of little girls whose grandmother’s…

my grandmother had family in District Six and I loved when she told me about it.

I feel like he is really good at picking that out and just wanting to give you a helping hand.

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It felt to me like that was what Blood Brothers was.

They both have their own interpretation of the role so you kind of have to make sure that what you bring is fresh and that I am not copying any of them. I think it’s a blessing and a curse that the show is quite set already so it makes it easier for me to learn things because everybody else has been doing it for so much longer but at the same time you are just in a different space to everyone else.

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