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In 1963, together with Nitsch, Mühl staged the action called Fest des psycho-physischen Naturalismus (Celebration of psycho-physical Naturalism), during which a kitchen dresser filled with marmalade was thrown out the window. Mühl, Brus, Nitsch, and Rudolf Schwarzkogler departed radically from an object-based definition of art by developing the concept of Materialaktion (material action) where the human body and the site of art-making are the surfaces for the production of art. During the 1960s Mühl performed numerous material actions which were documented on film by the Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Kurt Kren and photographed by the Austrian photographer Ludwig Hoffenreich.

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His ideas were inspired by Marxism and psychoanalysis, particularly the writings of the Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. A rural property acquired in 1986 on the Spanish Canary Island La Gomera was intended to realize a southern paradise and served as a domicil for vacationing and retirement.While serving his sentence at the Stein detention center he produced a wealth of drawings and writings about art theory.Since his release in 1997, he has lived in Southern Portugal.In 1973, the commune moved to Zurndorf in Burgenland and was named the Friedrichshof Commune.

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Mühl's declared aim was a new society based on the principles of free sexuality, common property and collective education of children, and the destruction of, in his view, bourgeois concepts of marriage and private property.Meeting Günter Brus and Alfons Schilling in 1960 was a pivotal moment for Mühl, leading him to abandon canvas painting and to experiment with three-dimensional objects made from scrap metal which he called Gerümpelskulpturen (junk sculptures).