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His grandmother Hina runs a hotel called the “Hinata Inn” (also may be referred to as: Hinata-sou (I think) and Hinata Lodge).Deciding to try to stay with his grandmother, he visits the Hinata Inn and can’t seem to find his grandmother.

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At points, though, you’re given the choice to choose certain actions (I’ve heard this compared to a Choose Your Own Adventure book), which reflect the outcome of the game. But a very good one, especially if you’re a fan of anime and Love Hina.

Still trying to get into Tokyo U, Keitaro is kicked out of his house because his parents don’t understand why he’s so hung up on trying to get into such a prestigious (and difficult) school when there’s no chance. Fifteen years ago, when Keitaro was little, he made a promise with a young girl that liked him.

They promised that they would both get into Tokyo U so they could live happily ever after together.

The game will let you save at the end of each “chapter.” Each chapter has a theme to the dialogue and the choices you must make – themes just like the cartoon (like when you must help Shinobu escape her parents).

You’re given quite a few save slots, so you can easily continue from a different point if you screwed up somewhere or don’t want to replay the whole game to see the different endings. As you complete endings, the game will keep a “photo sticker album” where it’ll show snapshots of your different endings.

Graphics: 8 Graphics are very good, except that they’re all taken from the TV show, so none of the graphics (except maybe the small “mug-shots”) are original to the game.