Customs of dating

23-Jan-2020 20:26

Birth, baptism, engagement, wedding, funerals: the milestones that give shape and definition to life and a person’s place in society.

If you’re lucky, your holidays in Greece will include witnessing or even taking part in the following: Traditional weddings that start with dressing the bride and bouncing a baby boy on the nuptial bed; the bride escorted to the church by musicians; the especially complex wedding rituals of Lefkas; the heart- wrenching Maniot dirges, the musical accompaniment on the journey to the other world.

Fascinating traditions tied to different clans and localities, with multiple layers of social, economic and ritual significance.

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Saints' Day Celebrations Saints’ Days are celebrated in rural chapels and town churches all year round.In western Crete the older men still proudly sport their high boots, breeches and black-tasseled kerchiefs; on Karpathos the women have two sets of costumes, a simple one for every day and a very elaborate, colorful one for festivals and weddings; in Metsovo on special occasions you’ll see men in embroidered waistcoats, woolly hats, woven trousers and clogs.