Daniele donato dating ozzy Chathorny

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On Day 15, the Houseguests competed for the Power of Veto.During the random drawing, Amber, Mike and Joe were chosen to play for the power.Aside from Big Brother, Daniele has appeared on the television show Reality Obsessed.Daniele joined Big Brother 8 in 2007, along with her father, Dick.Jen won the Power of Veto after she agreed to wearing a bunny suit for 120 hours, along with Daniele, Kail, and Zach, dump smelly funk on herself for 24 times every hour,along with Daniele, Jameka, Kail, and Zach eat slop for 720 hours, along with Kail, and receive only half of the 0,000 prize money in the event she won Big Brother.Jameka and Kail gave up the right to compete in the next 5 Ho H competitions, but failed to win the veto.

She is currently in college working towards her career.While picking players for the Veto Competition, Daniele drew Jameka's name, Jen drew Dustin's name, and Kail drew Zach's name.The competition titled The Numbers Don't Lie saw players having to bid how many hours they would be willing to do a horrid task. If a player had the lowest, they would be eliminated, but if a player was in the middle, they would not have to do the task.During the random draw, Kail got "Houseguest Choice", and picked Daniele, Carol drew Nick's name, and Amber drew Jameka.

During the competition, called "Hide and Seek Veto", players had one minute to hide a veto box inside the Big Brother house.On Day 7, the House competed for the Power of Veto.