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08-Feb-2020 04:15

I began to get nervous and excited at the same time; my mind was racing with what she might be doing. When she came into the bedroom her clothes and hair were messed up and she looked tired and had been drinking.

Usually she comes in and begins teasing me but this time she looked away and took her clothes off.

Same routine, I helped her get dressed and she told me if I was a good boy she might bring something home for me.

She usually gets home about am but this Saturday night at am, no Tina.

At first I thought this was just another fantasy story but somehow I knew this was real. After awhile she began to get excited and he told her to finger herself while she sucked him off.

She said at one point she was cumming and he gagged her and it just made it more intense.

It's been fun and she has been getting more verbal. She went out to the Holliday Inn lounge with a girl friend.

His name was Mark and he worked for an advertising agency. Mark asked her if she wanted to go another club and she accepted. Tina said the atmosphere was completely different and at first she felt a little uncomfortable.

She said there were a few other white women there with black men but most of the women were black.

He took her into the bedroom and put onto the bed and just rammed his cock deep inside her.

She said it hurt at first but he kept telling her to relax and take it.He told her to take her panties off and she said for some strange reason she wanted to obey him.

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