Dating a pisces men pisces men

27-Aug-2020 22:24

Even then, you can see the tenderness and empathy in their eyes.

A Pisces man doesn't recognize any distinction between romance, love, and sex; they're all rolled up into one and can't be separated, as far as he's concerned.

Slow and easy or raunchy and wild, he's a chameleon by nature and can synchronize with his lover's movements and emotions. Earth soaks up water, directs and contains its flow.

He's a quintessential romantic idealist who believes all things are possible.

Love for a Pisces man is about mind, body, and soul: the whole person.

Plus, he's blessed with a vivid imagination and can easily blur the lines between fantasy and reality, then wrap both himself and his lover in a blissful romantic haze. Water nourishes the earth, and the two together make life grow.

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A Pisces man intuitively knows he needs direction, consistency, and security in a relationship and is attracted to successful women, who are strong and decisive.

A Pisces man does not just have sex; he makes love.