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15-Mar-2020 12:03

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You can find evidence of a changing climate everywhere on Earth.But nowhere are the changes more dramatic than in the Arctic.“The disease from thawing human and animal remains can get into groundwater that people then drink,” Wired reported.Scientists are worried that as more permafrost thaws, especially in Siberia, there may be more outbreaks of long-dormant anthrax as burial grounds thaw.But the logic here is simple: The more warming, the greater the risk of kick-starting this feedback loop.A study published in finds that the Arctic permafrost is the largest repository of mercury on Earth. And scientists now think there is around 15 million gallons frozen in permafrost soils — nearly twice the amount of mercury found in all other soil, the ocean, and atmosphere combined.Our world’s northern polar region is warming twice as fast as the global average. On average, Arctic sea ice extent is shrinking every summer. But perhaps most disturbing are the changes occurring underground in the permafrost.Permafrost is a layer of frozen soil that covers 25 percent of the Northern Hemisphere.

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And the retreating ice is exposing frozen plants that haven’t seen the sun in 45,000 years, as new radiocarbon dating research suggests.

It acts like a giant freezer, keeping microbes, carbon, poisonous mercury, and soil locked in place. And things are getting weird and creepy: The ground warps, folds, and caves.

They were spotted once again out for dinner on what appeared to be another date at Craig’s in West Hollywood and in early August, Somerhalder posted a photo on Instagram sharing the news that he and Reed had adopted a horse together which confirmed the two were in fact dating. 5 Their relationship wasn’t heavily supported by TVD fans because many were still hung up on his previous relationship with co-star Nina Dobrev. Look on her Instagram feed or Twitter and all you will see is a compassionate and beautiful human being. You don’t even know the person you’re talking about…Do some research of the person you say sucks or you HATE.… continue reading »

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