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The first products offered were vanity sets, a toothbrush and talcum. Avon jewelry was produced by other designers such as Kenneth J. Back to top Annie Venditti - Former professional level figure skater. Various styles included Art Nouveau, Deco and Victorian. Back to top Founder (s): Mc Clelland Barclay 1935 - 1943 -Many jewelry sleuths have spent time trying to decipher the connection if any between this maker and Barclay.In 1954, Avon began it's wildly successful "Avon Calling" ad campaign. Creative jewelry that sold in better department stores. the confusion begins with the company Rice- Weiner. Known for cute as can be sculptural jewelry made from high end colored and clear faceted crystals. Founded by Detroit natives Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon in the early 1980s. Began designing jewelry after needing jewelry for a fashion show.

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In the early 1900s the pieces were mostly made from crystals.

By 1928 there were 25,000 reps selling the companies products. This jewelry is of higher quality than most Avon pieces. Follow the link above to visit the B David Gallery to see the crown.

In 1939 the company changed it's name to Avon Products, Inc. There is an ongoing discussion as to whether the certain hallmarks associated with this company are actually hallmarks belonging to Avon of Belleville. This company is not associated with Avon Products, the "Avon Calling" company. Signature Designs: Pretty, high quality rhinestone combinations, dainty jewelry. Founders: Alvin Rice, Robert Rice and Louis Mark-1946 -1957, Providence RI-This was not jewelry produced by Mc Clelland Barclay which is very expensive and will have the full signature as a hallmark. Signature Designs: Rhinestones in colors [very often blue] set in gold tone metal.

Two collector favorites are the fruit pieces and the forbidden fruit pieces. Mc Connell began a company named the California Perfume Company.

The company's first color catalogue was produced in October of 1906. David company was a small company that produced costume and fine jewelry. This company produced a famous crown pin that is a collectors favorite.Trifari Weiss Kramer Coro, Corocraft & Vendome Lisner Napier Monet Park Lane Avon Sarah Coventry Marvella JJ Art Alice Caviness Hobe' Miriam Haskell Florenza Eisenberg Hattie Carnegie Beaujewels D&E, Juliana and Juliana Style Robert Hollycraft Bogoff Krementz Schiaparelli Warner Boucher Harry Iskin Kenneth Jay Lane, KJL, Kenneth Lane Mazer Brothers & Jomaz Little Nemo Austria Accessocraft N. Gielar Joseff of Hollywood Michal Negrin Theodor Fahrner Spratling Unger Brothers Rebajes Gerard Yosca Los Castillo Cini Star-Art Coppola e Toppo Walter Lampl Los Ballesteros Lanvin Flying Colors Mizpah Virgil Cantini Ed Levin Lilly Dache Dodds Limoges langani Perli Bill Schiffer Duane Pastelli Botticelli Triad Tara Jewels by Julio Amy Lacombe Escada Irena Bryner, Irena Brynner Marlene Margot de Taxco Caroline Gleik Rosene Judith Leiber Hess-Appel [Jolle] Phyllis Jacobs Rebecca Collins 11 W. The back are almost as pretty as the front in most cases.