Dating of multidose vials in hospitals

28-Aug-2020 22:11

dating of multidose vials in hospitals-68

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Many facilities, particularly those with tight budgets, find they can get better prices on medicine by purchasing large quantities in multidose vials.

“Then the other issue is going in and out so many times,” Luebbert says.

The log should include the following information: Luebbert says this log should be evaluated annually by your infection control committee.

This documentation will provide a strict policy and appease surveyors.

MM., element of performance 7, requires facilities to store all medications labeled with an expiration date, which is defined as the last date the product can be used, the clarification says.

“The issues are that the preservatives in them may be a short-acting preservative, and so it might not be maintaining sterility for a longer period of time because if the preservation breaks down, then the bugs or the chemicals in there could be starting to take over,” Luebbert says.