Dating online for muslim singles only

03-Nov-2019 21:36

All have their fair share of quirky bios, pictures of guys in muscle shirts and awkward conversations about what we do for a living.

But a few features -- including one that lets "chaperones" peek at your messages -- make Muslim-catered apps stand out.

Platforms like Minder and Muzmatch, another Muslim dating app, have put that power in our hands.

They counteract misconceptions that Islam and modernity don't mix.

But as more people sign up for these apps, that notion is being challenged, says Muzmatch CEO and founder Shahzad Younas."There is an element of taboo still, but it's going," Younas says.

Even the word "dating" is contentious among Muslims.

They don't get why you cover your hair or why you don't eat during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. I've been asked countless times if we get hitched solely through arranged marriages.

(We don't.) Some people seem to have a notion Islam is stuck in the 15th century.

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There are, of course, similarities between Muslim and mainstream dating apps like Tinder, Ok Cupid and Match.

In February, I finally decided to check out Minder for myself.

As someone in my mid-twenties, I'm essentially a prime target for dating apps, yet this was my first time trying one.

I indicated my family origin (my parents immigrated to the US from Iraq in 1982); languages spoken (English, Arabic); and education level, then filled in the "About me" section. There were some decent candidates, but it didn't take long to realize why my friends had such little success on these kinds of apps.

You can even choose to indicate how soon you want to get married, but I opted to leave that blank. ) These details can, for better or worse, become the focus of potential relationships. Someone who's less religious may not be able to relate to someone with more strict interpretations of the faith. Guys had a tendency to post selfies with weird Snapchat puppy filters and pictures of their cars, and there was an odd abundance of photos with tigers.Especially for those from my parents' generation, it carries a negative connotation and pits Islamic ideals about intimacy against Western cultural norms.

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