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Some states simply have slim pickings when it comes to horror flicks, requiring deeper dives into lesser-known territory.This has resulted me including some rare gems, such as In addition to being educational research for myself, I think this helps shake up the list, showing a broad spectrum within the horror genre rather than being simply another display of acknowledged canon.For a film to be included on the map, it has to make some in-universe reference to the state in which it takes place.For instance, Brian de Palma’s is marked for Massachusetts, where fictional Amity Island is located, despite being filmed in New York state. A map based on shooting locations would indeed be totally different — and heavily skewed toward California.I enjoy their bold, simple illustrations and tried to channel their design and colour schemes.Honestly, I made it solely for myself to wear and I’m just sharing it on the off, chance that it might be fun for some other Ligottesques out there. Be the toast of the next Necronomi Con in a lovely pink Ligotti-themed shirt, or wear it to casual day in the Nightmare Network, where you work, and I work, and we all work, forever. states of its real-life Danvers Asylum setting, “Fear is a place.” As a genre, horror tends to be concerned with space.

Film editing has become one of my favourite elements of production.It’s a genre of atmosphere and ambient menace — of looking deeply at surfaces of environments to find the cracks within.