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But all t Hfo might not be enongh to satisfy the expected tourist influx over the next few years^ residen t s bythe summer of 1993. 'hor- rify everybody.” Soviet sources said that, while the Soviet Union agreed with the French objective of encouraging a political dia- logue between warring parties, they wanted to avoid a con- frontation between their Syr- ian allies and the French navy.

The Ug problem, now is devd - good f acilitie s fast enough to pace with the new arrivals. About 2S0farmeis l held back by police with riot shields, greeted foe minister with jeers and insults an his .first stop during a daylong tour of this southern region, one of the worst affected by the drought. the worst drought in is years and an estimated 300,000 formers- are .expected to lose part or all. Mir Nallet came- to explain, the aid package of FFr&SOm (£56m) in loans and. President Francois Mitter- rand of France and Soviet Pres- ident Mikhail Gorbachevmadfi a joint appeal for a ceasefire in Lebanon on July 5.

In London, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations promised to back their Australian colleagues and said it was holding urgent con- sultations to ensure that its 70,000 members opposed any moves by their airlines to carry passengers on internal Austr alian routes.

The dispute springs from a 29 per cent pay claim by the Australian Federation of Air- line Pilots, who continue to insist that all they wish to do is negotiate directly with the airline employers - Ansett and Australian Airlines.

On Monday they refused to resume normal working, and the Industrial Relations Commission cancelled the fed- eration’s industrial agree- ments.■ Mr Sberemeta’s confirmation of the discovery at a Norwe- gian oil conference yesterday was not welcome news for his audience. Mr Bergesen said the Soviet Union might find a local mar- ket for some of the gas near Murmansk, with possibilities for export to Sweden and Fin- land.Although a pipeline to Scandinavia would be a consid- erable undertaking, it was well within the Soviet Union's capa- bility - being much shorter than the pi peline from the Sib- erian gas fields to Western Europe.He said three test wells had been drilled in the area which he called Shto- manovskaya, but he gave no Soviet Gas Find ipp. “They are talking of a find between three trillion (million minion) and four tril- lion cubic metres," he said.

Compared with the Soviet Union’s total reserves of about 42J5 trillion cubic metres, the latest find may seem small, but it could be about equal to the combined proven reserves of Norway and the UK or as much as half North America’s proven reserves. gas supplies much larger than its present market Norway is in close competition with the Soviet Union for an increased share of European and possibly of US markets.

However, the remote loca- tion of the field, in hostile waters covered with ice for much of the year, raises ques- tions about how soon it could be economically developed, particularly in view of the Soviet Union’s very large onshore gas resources.