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“Certainly poisonous plants, like certain types of lilies, daisies and azaleas, pose a much bigger threat than nontoxic plants, like roses, bamboo or baby’s breath.

But eating any plants can cause stomach upset and illness.

Even if they don’t use the sofa as a scratching post or chew your baskets to bits, pets invariably come with accessories like dog crates, litter boxes and other potential eyesores.

Loose fur, dirty paw prints and unfortunate accidents are equally inevitable.

“That way, the inevitable shedding is less obvious,” she said, “and maintenance a bit easier.”When she has company, she said, she simply tucks the cat tower into the drapes: “It totally disappears.”CONSIDER BUILT-INS For a seamless look, some pet owners have custom-made pet beds and dog crates built into their homes. Finlay Architects, in Southport, Conn., has created about 15 built-in pet features for its clients, from an integrated pet bed tucked under a kitchen peninsula to a built-in doggy den with ornate black-metal gates opening to a hallway and mudroom.

The firm’s clients don’t want their pet accessories “to look store-bought,” said Mark Finlay, the owner.

Ferguson said, “I created a private kitty-box area with a hinged door and an automatic-cleaning box.”She added: “None of my guests had any idea where the cats’ litter box was.”Mr.

I enjoy licking humans while they go to the bathroom, and sprinting for no apparent reason."I may be a bitch, but don't ever call me basic.

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It’s not only easy access to put Madison in every day when I leave, but it’s inconspicuous and doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of the space.”USE FAUX FLOWERS “When it comes to houseplants and pets, we’d recommend keeping your pets away from plants, whether they’re toxic or not,” said Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Harris that covers the chair where Ivy, her German shorthaired pointer, is sitting.

MAKE YOUR PET YOUR MUSE “Consider the color of your pet’s fur when deciding on a color scheme,” said Karen Ferguson, director of interior design at Harrison Design, in Atlanta. Ferguson, who has two cats, matched her living room drapes to her cat tower.

Espinoza, creative director at Anthony Baratta Design, swears by wool felt, which he used on a club chair after adopting Quinn — particularly in the color red, he said, which tends to wear well.

COVER UP THE CRATE There is really no hiding a dog crate, that bulky cage often used to keep dogs safe and secure when no one is home.“Schumacher makes a performance velvet in every shade imaginable.