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Based on the measured data, a source characterization model was applied to estimate the methane emission rates from the upwind plants. One rare example is a recent effort to quantify methane emissions from NG-fired power plants and oil refineries ().Assuming that the estimates are representative of emissions during normal operations of a plant, we calculated the NG loss rate (i.e. ammonia fertilizer industry, the industrial-averaged NG loss rate (± standard deviation) is estimated to be 0.34% (±0.20%), and the total methane emissions (± standard deviation) from this industry are estimated to be 29 (±18) Gigagram per year (Gg CH/yr from the U. EPA’s Facility Level Information on Greenhouse Gas Tools (FLIGHT). Consequently, a large amount of NG is and will continue to be consumed in the production of ammonia fertilizer. Ammonia fertilizer plants are large GHG emissions sources mainly because CO is a major byproduct of ammonia production.

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Key characteristics and sampling conditions related to the six plants that were successfully surveyed are summarized in Table , in ppm) along public roads downwind of the ammonia fertilizer plants.To date, estimation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the natural gas (NG) value chain have focused on upstream (production) and midstream (gathering, transmission, and storage) operations. A study proposed a tipping point of 3.2% (2.7% using revised GWPs () along the NG value chain.In this study, we estimate methane emissions from an important downstream consumer of NG, the ammonia fertilizer industry, which commonly uses NG as a feedstock and a fuel for the production of ammonia and other upgraded products. Some studies sought to estimate methane emissions (e.g.Using a Google Street View (GSV) car equipped with a high-precision methane analyzer, we adopted a mobile sensing approach to measure methane mixing ratios along public roads that are downwind of the ammonia fertilizer plants. pipeline leaks) in metropolitan areas, which is dominated by local distribution and residential/commercial use of NG ().

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Useful data were collected from six plants, which represent 20% of the total NG consumption by this industry. In contrast, methane emissions from industrial consumers of NG are largely unexplored.

Though ethane concentration were also measured by the gas analyzer, it was not used for analysis since the concentrations were low and the noise was high, resulting a low signal to noise (SNR).