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Both would die, bottle of wine set aside, bounty, bounty hunter, bouquet, Bourbon Street, Bourbon Trail, bow tie, bowling alley, box, Box 642, box tops, Boy I can’t wait to hurt you someday, boy is just a boy, Boy Scout, Boy Scout (Ressler), boy soldiers, boyo, bracelet, bracelet (string), bracelet (your mother's), bracelet of seashells, Brad Lamply, Brady Boatright, Braille, brain damage, brain drain, brain injury, brain surgery, brainwashing, Brandenburg Gate, Brandon Graves, Brandons, Branson, brass knuckles, Braxton, Braxton 2, Braxton Hotel, Braxton killed, Brazil (customs of), bread pudding, break in, break-in (pharmacy), breakfast in bed, breaking promises, breakout, Brecht, Brenda Gilroy, Brenda Sullivan, Brenford NY, Brenner Randy, Brian Barrett, Brian Donnehy, Brian Osterman, Brian Shelow, bribe, bribery, bribery (a little … , can't be forgiven, Canada, canary, can’t say, cancer, cancer (throat), candidate, candiru fish, candy (Fireballs), candy dispenser, candy factory, canons of decency and fairness, cant (circus language), cantilevered, Cape Breton, Cape May, caper, capital punishment, capitalism, Capote, Capra, Capricorn Killer, capsized trawler in Philippines, captain (I am the master of my fate I am the …

goes a long way), brick and mortar of who we are, Brickman, bride (impersonating), bridge (Kate Kaplan jumps from), briefcase, briefcase (impact-resistant), briefcase (metal), briefcases exchanged, brightest, brilliant, Brimley, Brimley getting hitched, Brimley’s son, Bring Agnes home, Bring the dog leave the poop, bringing an idea to market, British Intelligence, Brockton College, Brockton College Killer, Brokaw, broken heart syndrome, broken pipe, bronchodilator, Bronwyn, Bronwyn/Philomena, bronze Lincoln penny, bronze pennies, bronze penny/pennies, Brooklyn Martinez, brother, Brother Hershey, brother who died in Kandahar, brother/sister, Brothers, Brown (Norman O), brown-haired doll, Browning 9-millimeter semi-automatic, Brunei, Bruneian national, brunette, brush (record cleaning), Brussels, Brutka Club, bubble module, Buck Miller, bug juice, bug to kill a bug killer, bugging (wiretapping), bugs, bugs (insects), bugs (weaponized), Buhari, building codes, building inspector, Bulgaria, bulge at waistline, bull feces, bulldog, bulletproof glass, bullets vs words, bumper cars, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Bungarus flaviceps (snake), Bunker, bunny, bunny rabbits (Do you like … ), burglar, burglary, burgundy, Burgundy (a good), burial, burial of homeless man, buried alive, buried shipping container, burn notice, burned alive, burning Christmas tree, burning money, burning picture, burns money, bus (school bus), bus trip, busboy, business, business card (Levi’s), business card (tracking chip in), butcher, Butcher (The Tri-State), butcher filleting a salmon, butter (deep-fried), butterflies, butterfly kiss and a honeybee hug, buybacks (stock), bypass machine, Byzantine, C 🔸➔, C-4, c-section, C-sharp, C-sharp minor Prelude, Cabal, cabbage soup and herring, cabin, cabin in the woods, cabin in woods, cadavers, Caden Gard, Caesar, Caesarian section, cage, cage of rats, caged Ressler, Cain, cake pops, cake-cutter, calculations, Caleb Cronin, Caleb Hess, Calhoun, Caligiuri Marcus, Call me “Sweetheart” again, Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin Dawson, Cambridge (Fall of), Camden DE, Cameron Morella, Cameroon, camp song, campaign, campaign contibution (illegal), campaign contribution (illegal), campaign contribution from Russian oligarch, campaign finance, campaign promise, Campbell, camper/trailer, camping, camping in the altogether, campus killings, can of worms (Wonder what … of my soul), captain of a ship, captive (doctor held), captive audience, car accident, car bombed (not terrorist), car crash, car dealership, car hits bicycle, car in river, car repair, car sex, car theft, car/bicycle accident, Carabinieri, caramel sauce is an excellent lubricant, Caras, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide poisoning, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac surgery, Cardinal, Cardinal Richards, cardiomyopathy, cardiothoracic surgery, care about you, Care package, career, career suicide, Caretaker, cargo ship, Carl Davies, Carl Jung, Carla, Carlington, Carlo Androssani, Carlton is a bit goonish, Carlucci crime family, Carly, Carlyle, carnies, carnival, carnivorous butterflies, Caroline Eikendoll, carotid, carousel, Carraro, Cartagena, Cartel, cartel (drug), Carter, Carter (Glen), Cartwright, Cascabel’s, Cash (character), casket, cassiterite, castrate, castration, Castro, Cat, cat (Red's), cataclysmic event, cataclysmic insect die-offs, catacombs, catastrophically compromised, catatonic, catch-and-release, Catela Cartel, Catholic, Catholic Church, Catholicism, Caul, cavalry showed up, cave exploring, cave fish, caviar, cayenne, Cayman Islands, CDC, CDC shipment, celibacy, celibacy (oath of), cemetary, cemetery, Cent Com, century (crime of the), CEO Pascal, certainly not dead, chained, chainsaw, chambers, Champagne, champagne (poisoned), champagne bottle, change identity, Chapman (Ziggy …

What fun, dancing, dangerous (This man – whoever he is – he's), Daniel Nakamoto/Alex Sato, Daniel Rivera, Dantonio, Daring.

Being, Dariush, dark ages, dark Internet, dark ops, dark web, darkness, darkness (light and), Darling I’m not uncivilized, dashing, Data (Star Trek character), database (CODIS), Database (Rare Blood), date (Aram's perfect), daughter (Dembe’s), daughters, Dave Sternberg, Davenport Academy high school, David, David Beckner, David Eckhart, David Flynn, David Foy, David Levine, Davies, Davis, Davis and Fox Entertainment, Davos, dawn, Dawson, day that you were born I was also born, De La Cruz, DEA, dead drop, dead man walking, dead not alive, Dead? Pishposh, deafness, deal with the devil, dealership (used car), Dean (Forest of), Dear Trouble ♪, death, Death (Angel of), death (circle of), death (fear of), death (no more cheating), death (perfect circle of), death (smell it in the air), death and decay (study of), death as entertainment, death crouching toward me, death faked, death is a process, death of Red’s ex (story of), death of Tom, death penalty, death penalty (Red faces), death penalty for Reddington, death row, death sentence, death warrant, death with a purpose, Deavers, debate, debate (presidential), debauchery, debt, debt (gambling), debt (here to collect my), Debt Collector, Dec 7 1990, decadence, decapitate, decapitating heads of state, decapitation, Decembrist, decency and fairness (canons of), deck (skydeck), Declaration of Human Rights, decomposed corpse, decomposition (study of), decryption, decryption Denver Colorado, deep state, deep-fried butter, deep-fried butter (like) I am unhealthy and yet irresistible, deepest desire, Deer Hunter, defaced firearm, defective merchandise, defense attorney, defense contractor, defibrillator, defuse bomb, Deidre Mori, Dekker, Delaine Uhlman, Delancey Street Station, delayed honesty, Della Whitmore, Delmar’s, Delores, delusions fiction, demands, De Marco, Dembe, Dembe Aram’s role model, Dembe …

looking like an idiot, fisticuffs, Fitch, Fitch killed, fitness-for-duty evaluation, Fitzpleasure, five limbs of man, five senses, five-alarm fire to national security, fixer, flaccid penis, flag, flagellation, flaming stick (blinded by a hero with some), flammable liquid, flares, flash drive, flash point, flashback, flashbacks (series), flashing module, flashover, flat, flat tire, flaying, flesh eating butterflies, flipped, float plane, florist, FLOTUS, fly (I'd like to), fly fishing with Scalia, fly like a bird, Flying is life. (Will you be able to), forgiveness, Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting what you’ve done, forgiveness vs revenge, forgiveness won't come, Forgiveness.

Falling is death, Flynn, fob, folded flag, Foley, folk, folk religion, follow me (I don’t want you to), follow own path, Folta, food crisis, food kitchen, foot chained, foot massage, football (touch), footsie, For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, For the family! For Kate, forked tongue, forlorn, fort (child's), fortune, fortune hunt, fortune teller, foundational elements, four Fireballs, four homonym for death, four of you against me: practice, four pennies, four spiders, Four spiders no gift, Fourth Amendment, Fowler, Fowler corpse found, Fowler crime scene, Fowler murder investigation, Fowler murder re-enactment, Fowler shot (re-enactment), fox (crazy like a), fox in the henhouse, Foxglove, Foy, fracking, frame (broken), frame (verb), framed, framed (Red by Cabal), framed (set up), France France, Francis Cotton, Francis King, Frank Capra, Frank Carraro, Frank Dobbs, Frank Hyland, Frank Sturgeon, franks and beans, fraud, fraud (mail), freak, Frederick, Frederick Barnes, free market, Free Syrian Army, freedom fighter, Freedom Tower, Freelancer, freelancing, freezer, freezer (locked in), freezing bank account, freezing bodies, French Revolution, French Riviera, french toast kabobs, fried butter, friend (You're my), friend of a friend (Your job’s to be the), friend or a mortal enemy (singular), friends (childhood), friends (I make...easily), friends in Hell, friends in low places, friendship, fringe, fringe order, Fritzles (fire at), frogmen, Front, front organization, frontal lobe surgery, Frost, frozen, frozen bodies, frozen thumbs, fruit basket, Fudo, fugitive, fugitives, fugu kimo, Fukushima, Fukushima on the Hudson, Fulcrum, full remission, Fulton, fundamentalism, fundraiser, funeral, furtive, future is a sucker's bet, futurism, G 🔸➔, G Gordon Liddy, G-Wagon, G3s, Gabinelli, Gable, Gabon, Gabor Museum, Gabriel Costa, Gaddafi, gaffer, gag (ball gag), Gagarin, Gaia, Gaithersburg MD, Gale, Gale (Julian), Gallup, Gallup/Vasquez, gambing, gamblers killing gamblers, gambling, gambling addiction, gambling debt, Game (character), gang, gang (drug), gang (motorcycle), gang war, garbage disposal, garbage dump, Gard, Garrick, Garrick-2, Garvey, Garvey (Liz recognizes), Garvey 2, Garvey double, Garvey impersonator, Garvey is US Marshal, Garvey kills Lena Mercer, Garvey kills Pete Mc Gee, Garvey Pt 2, Garvey shoots Red, Garvey shot by Liz, Garvey working with Singleton, Gary Cooper, gas explosion, gas leak, gas station, Gaspard, Gavin Pruitt, Gavrilo Princip, gay, Gaza, gazillionaire, geek, geeks, gender, gender roles, gene, Gene & Georgetti's, gene editing, gene hacking, gene mapping, gene sequencing, General Assembly, General Ludd, General Shiro, General Yaabari, General Zhukov photo, generator, Genesis project, Genet, genetic disorder, genetic modification, genetic research, genetically modified organisms, genetics, genetics (plant), Geneva, Genghis Khan, genie, genitalia (they all look like …

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, Amadeus (Wolfgang…Mozart) ♪, Amador Castro, Amalia Hammett, Amarillo, amazing loser, Amber, Amber's a bitch, ambiguity (lexical), Ambrosia, ambush, Amendments (One of my favorite), America (conspiracy against), America (plot against), America First, America-first doublespeak, American (ungrateful), American Indian, American Ninja Warrior, Ames, amethyst ring, ammonium nitrate, amnesia, amnesia (anterograde), Amsterdam, amusement park, Amy, an eye for an eye, An item? , Ana Elazar, Ana Ziegler, Analia Beneventi, Anapolis, ancestors, Ancien Regime, And here I am, And here you are, And people think I'm weird, Andes, Andra Day, Andras Halmi, Andrew Mc Ginnis, Andrew Wyatt, Andropov, Androssani, anemia, anemia (aplastic), angel, angel (avenging), angel (guardian), angel (mourning), angel investor, Angel of Death, angel on one shoulder devil on the other, angel/devil, Angela Chambers, Anger is not an unhealthy emotion, Anglo Garrick 2, animals, ankle monitor, Anna Cartwright, Anna Croft, Anna Dewan, Anna Hopkins, Anna Mc Mahon, Anna Mc Mahon flips the tables, Anna Mc Mahon killed, Anna-Garcia Duerte, Anna-Gracia Duerte, Anne Mauler, Anneca Oil, Annie Kaplan, Annie Kaplan killed, Annie/Kate, annotated, anomalistic psychiatry, anorexia, another life, Anslo Garrick, Anslo Garrick 2, antelope (prong-horned), anterograde amnesia, Anthony (Tony) The Mailman, Anthony Hollis, anthrax, anti-gay, anti-globalism, anti-missile, anti-missile defense, anti-Russian intel unit, anti-viral, antidote, antipsychotics, Antique Garage, antiques, antiquities, Antoinette, Anton Velov, Anton Wyndham, Antonin Scalia (Justice), Anunzio Ross, Anunzio Ross says hello, Anya Patinka, anything for you (You knew Reddington would come for you), apartment in warehouse, ape fairies, ape mask, aphasia, apiary, apical ballooning syndrome, apitherapy, aplastic anemia, Apolonia, Apophis strain, Apothecary, Appalachia, apparatchik (Russian), appearances, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, apples, arak, Aram, Aram abducted by Dembe, Aram and Elise fight, Aram and Samar celebrate, Aram and Samar kiss, Aram held in contempt, Aram hits Red, Aram hugs Ressler, Aram kidnapped by Dembe, Aram Mojtabai, Aram points gun at Director, Aram proposes, Aram punches Red, Aram rescues Samar, Aram saves Liz, Aram taken hostage, Aram undercover, Aram wins hacking contest, Aram's perfect date, Aram/Elise, Aram/Janet, Aram/Samar, Aram’s computer *quacks*, Aram’s role model, arboretum, arc of my life (entire … You have no idea, Aren't you supposed to be in jail? ), ass-crack of dawn, assassin, assassin (faceless), assassination, assassination attempt, assassination attempt (on Liz), assassination plot, assassins, assault, assault (sexual), assets, assignment (I was an), Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, Asst US Atty Michael Sima, Assyrian relief, astrological sign, Astynomia, Asuncion Paraguay, asylum, asymptomatic carrier, At the right price I’ve found everything is for sale, ATF, Atlantic City NJ, Atria Chemical Corporation, attack, attacked a pregnant woman, attempted suicide, attention to detail, Atticus Rodrick, Attorney, Attorney General, Atwell, auction, auction ledger, Audi, audio recording, audit, auditorium, Austria, authentication code, authorities (conflicting), authority, autism, auto theft, auto-da-fé, autobiographical memory, automobile accident, autopsy, Ava Ziegler, avenging angel, Aviary, avocados pollinated, axe, axe murder, AXG Robotics, Axion Cryptosolutions, Ayela, Ayers, Azeri Financial, ‘06 Audi, ‘66 Mustang, “Sweetheart” (Call me …

might have been different), arcade, Archibald Leach, Architect, Are you her father? , Argon Wright, argument, aria, Arioch Cain, ark, Arkani, Arlington, Arlington VA, armored truck, arms dealer, arms dealing, arms smuggling, Aron Edelstein, arousal (sexual), arousal (watching fire), arranged marriage, arrhythmia (cardiac), arrhythmia (heart), arson, arson as murder, arson investigator slash arsonist, arsonists, art, art collecting, art exhibit, art forgery, art museum, art theft, Artax, Artax Network, arthropods, Arthur Kilgannon, artifacts, artificial eye, artist, artist (Italian), artist (one of great living), Aryan, Aryan Revolutionary Council, as it should be, As-Salaam-Alaikum, Asa Hightower, Asher Sutton, asphyxiation, ass (Raymond. again), ‼️ALL POLLS‼️, ‼️ALL SCRIPTS ‼️, ‼️ALL SONGS (LIST)‼️, ‼️ALL SONGS (TAGS)‼️, ‼️ALL TAGS‼️, ‼️ALL TWITTER MOMENTS‼️, ♪ Poison in the Water, B 🔸➔, babies switched, baby, baby born, baby girl, baby girl born, baby kicks, baby pics with Red and Liz, baby store, babymoon, bachelors (hottest), backgammon, backstory, backstory (Cooper), backstory (Dominic Wilkerson), backstory (Dominic Wilkinson), backstory (Harold Cooper), backstory (Katarina Rostova), backstory (Kate Kaplan), backstory (Liz), backstory (Raymond Reddington), backstory (Red), backstory (Red’s), backstory (Reddington), backstory (Rostova), backstory (Wilkerson), backstory (Wilkinson), backwoods, bacon corn dog, bad boys (I have a weakness for), bad cops, bad guy (iconic), bad guys and blacklisters, bad luck, bad luck the best luck, bad man capable …

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