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The election in 2001 was marked by administrative problems with at least two parties filing legal petitions challenging the results.

Zambia transitioned to a proper functioning democracy with the advent of Levy Mwanawasa as President.

Sata would hold onto power until his untimely death in October 2014.

Guy Scott served briefly as president until new elections were held on 20 January 2015, in which Edgar Lungu was elected as the sixth President.

As can be seen even from the bizarre squashed-peanut shape of the country, Zambia is one of the stranger legacies of colonialism, agglomerating a large number of different tribes (73, according to the official count) and languages (20, plus dialects).The Tonga, Ila and Lenje, known together as the Bantu Botatwe (Three Peoples), are a close runner-up with 15% of the population, concentrated in the west of the country in the Zambezi Valley and the plateaus to the north.