Greek dating customs

20-Oct-2019 16:51

Continuing the tradition of three, at the start of the ceremony, the couple place the rings on the tips of their wedding fingers and the koumbaro will exchange them three times. The couple holds candles throughout the ceremony to represent the light of Christ.

The couple also shares what is known as a common cup, and take three sips of wine each from the cup representing a successful union.

The newlyweds traditionally share the last dance of the night and guests can throw money at them, or pin money to their clothes.

True for a time in history, it is no longer the case.

There are two traditional readings that feature in Greek Orthodox weddings. Paul to the Ephesians, which highlights the joining of two people is the first and the Gospel According to St. This is where the miracle of turning water into wine was recounted and the reading ties in with the couple sipping from the common cup.

They symbolize the union of two people into a single couple.The crows are swapped back and forth by the koumbaro three times and the couple wear them as they walk around the altar three times to represent their journey through life together.The priest will bless the couple before removing the crowns, and no vows are exchanged by the couple. Traditional Greek wedding dances, from the Tsamiko to the Zeibekiko and the Sirtaki, are where the guests hold hands and dance in a circle.The koumbara or maid of honor leads the bridal party to the bride to help her get dressed and ready for the ceremony.

The names of all of the single ladies are written on the bottom of the bride’s shoes and tradition has it that the names that are worn off by the end of the reception will soon get married.Some families still go through the ritual of making up the marital bed, while others think this could be considered an outdated tradition.