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He is often found doing videos with his partner Simon Lane and uploading in the Ble Xephos channel.

Brindley first started his career as a freelance science journalist and technology scientist.

His major source of income is from his career as a You Tuber.

The net worth of his YOGSCAST company in 2017 was £127,737 while in 2016 it was £2.4 million.

His channel has over 7.2 million subscribers and features a variety of content like mini-games and Minecraft adventure.

He also directs and is a co-founder of the media production company and video game publisher called YOGSCAST which is based in Bristol.

The British born You Tuber Lewis Brindley has a You Tube channel named YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon along with his friend Simone Lane.

In his channel, he shares mini-games and Minecraft adventure videos.

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Some of their mine craft series are Lucky Box Challenge, Shadow of Israphel, Deep Space Mine, Jaffa Quest, Jaffa Factory, Yog Lab and so on.Brindley stands a height of 5'7 feet and has a charming personality.Lewis Brindley is possibly single and not in a relationship with anyone at the moment.He first started his channel with his friend Simone in 2008.

Their channel is named YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon and it has over 7.2 million subscribers.

He is interested in gaming, computing, video editing and audio which makes it possible for him to make informative contents.