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Located to the north-west of the Peloponnese is the prefecture of Ilia (Elias).

It is a beautiful region, and again, holds great historic importance. The name of the town was derived from the presence of a tall tower, (a pirgos), which was erected during the early 1500s.

The town has been known by this name from as early as the late 1600s.

The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia is located to the south of Ilia.

Vines, olive and citrus groves and vegetation can be found on very corner.

Those were some of the highlights when John Josephson, 37, an investment banker, and Carolina Zapf, 30, a porcelain-skinned dress designer, invited 220 of their nearest and dearest to cross the Atlantic Ocean to their wedding, a five-day fandango over the Fourth of July weekend. This is the summer of the European wedding for certain New Yorkers willing to pay a minimum of 0,000 for a multi-day splurge for hundreds of guests.

Opposite the site is the Archaeological Museum, where on display, are many finds and artifacts that were excavated in this area, such as the marble statue of Hermes (dating 330BC), Miltiades' helmet, and various sculptures and other works of art.

The modern village of Olympia is located very near to the ancient site.

It was here that the first Olympic Games took place, and have since gone on to become the largest and most spectacular sporting event in the whole world.

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Ancient Olympia is situated approximately 10km to the east of Prygos.Y., and last year organized a wedding for New Yorkers in Dublin.