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27-May-2020 05:05

Bringing up sex will prime her brain to start thinking about sex.And the more she thinks about it, the more turned on she’ll get.Show her that being sexual and talking about sex is no big deal.When you’re comfortable being sexual, it allows her to be comfortable with it as well.Get familiar with how that feels and begin to act how that guy (who’s just a more idealized version of yourself) would act.Eventually, it’ll become your natural behavior and you’ll be able to project sexuality effortlessly.

You don’t want to come across as a guy who’s all talk and bravado but no action.

For guys who don’t want to come across overly aggressive or creepy, it may seem like a tough thing to do.

But there are very easy ways to do it while keeping the conversation fun and playful. Sexual innuendo just means talking about something that is non-sexual in a way that makes it seem sexual.

Guys who want to know how to turn a girl on with conversation often want that one magic line that promises to arouse any girl.

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But this search is not only futile (these lines don’t exist), it’s wildly limiting.

After all merely thinking about sex is enough to automatically trigger the physiological response of sexual arousal which will get her turned on.