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The vast majority of Thai bar girls are from Isaan, in the north-east of the country, which is among some of the poorest areas in Thailand.

These girls travel to Samui, These girls travel to Samui, Pattaya, Phuket to work in the bars to earn money and support their families back home.

You’ve bought her a drink or two to demonstrate your affluence, and you have made up your mind to take the lady out. Conversation with many Thai bar girls, especially those with limited language skills, might consist of only a few predictable and unimaginable questions such as “where you come from? It’s certainly more lucrative than a menial factory job or working in the rice fields back home.

Picture the scene, she takes her handbag, and is saying goodbye to her friends, and you start embarrassing both of you, by trying to get 50 baht knocked off the bar fine? My top tip, is you should have as much fun with your lady as possible. Keep the conversations short and simple; never embarrass her, especially by her lack of English. If you can do this, then whatever time you spend together, and whatever price you pay, you will have an even greater time. Keep your relationship simple and remember: There is a saying among expats who know bar girls pretty well and its – As soon as a bar girl opens her mouth, she’s lying. By all means, have fun with Thai bar girls, just watch your money closely.

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Even if the particular young lady you are talking to, doesn’t work at that bar – (a freelancer), you will still have to pay the bar fine.She will be responsible for recruiting new girls, making sure the girls work well and liaising with customers.The money is for the bar – seen as an introduction fee and recompense for the bar losing a worker for the night.The sex industry has its own set of terminology with phrases such as ‘beer bar’, ‘go-go bar’, ‘mamasan’, ‘lady drink’, ‘bar fine’, ‘short time’, ‘long time’, ‘GFE’, ‘freelancer’, ‘butterfly’ and many more.

– these are simple open sided bars often grouped in complexes.Most of these complexes are in the sois (side streets) off Bangla Road in Patong.

In some cases it is an honest effor, but in others the intent of the parties involved are less then honorable.… continue reading »

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She will usually then flirt back by giggling or displaying submissive body language (e.g.… continue reading »

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Therefore, you should decide whether it is suitable for you or you should look for another website.… continue reading »

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