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According to , Master Kong) is reported to have responded to questions by appealing to answers given by Lao Dan.

The records even say that Confucius once assisted him in a burial service.

Based on the probable date of the closing of the tomb, the version of the DDJ found within it may date as early as c. Sima Qian reports that Laozi was a historiographer in charge of the archives of Zhou.

Moreover, Sima Qian tells us that Confucius had traveled to see Laozi to learn about the performance of rituals from him.

In the first biography, Sima Qian says some report that Laolaizi came from Chu, was a contemporary of Confucius, and he authored a work in fifteen sections which speaks of the practical uses of the Daoist teachings.

But Sima Qian leaves it undecided whether he thinks Laolaizi should be identified with Laozi, even if he does include this reference in the section on Laozi. (that is, Qinshihuang, or the first emperor of China).

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While it is clear that Confucius is thought to have a long way to go to become a .What we know now is that in spite of the view that the text had a single author named Laozi, it is clear to textual critics that the work is a collection of smaller passages edited into sections and not the work of a single hand.