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The two men were involved in a love triangle with "Jessi", who they thought to be an 18-year-old girl with the screen name 'talhotblond'.

While both men knew each other from work, neither had ever met "Jessi" in person.

In the beginning of their online relationship, Thomas presented himself as an 18-year-old man named "Tommy" who was in basic training and later deployed.

His wife later discovered the affair and revealed the truth to "Jessi", but the two continued to chat.

The names of Jessi and Mary Shieler were changed to Katie (played by Ashley Hinshaw) and Beth (played by Molly Hagan) Brooks, respectively.

The Shielers' location was moved from West Virginia to Indiana.

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Eventually people lost interest as BBSs lost out to the World Wide Web, and Matchmaker was superseded by In 2007, he was in the movie Repos (written and produced by Master P). Thomas Montgomery (screen name: marinesniper), a 47-year-old married man, pleaded guilty to murdering his 22-year-old co-worker Brian Barrett (screen name: beefcake).Brian Barrett, Montgomery's young coworker, was portrayed by Brando Eaton.

Cox appeared in the film as well, as Carol's friend, coworker, and confidante.

This film, as many of the other educational shorts of the post World War II era, denotes the traditional socially conservative values that were common in the early to mid 20th century.