Invalidating a house rental agreement

19-Sep-2019 08:42

Are there limits on how much a landlord can charge for a security deposit? In at least half of the states, a landlord may not require the tenant to pay more than one to two times the rent for a security deposit.

In many states, the landlord must place the security deposit in a separate account, and in some cases, the landlord must even pay the tenant interest on the deposit.

With a short-term tenancy, the landlord may also change the rental terms, such as the rent amount, by providing proper notice to the tenant.

A lease agreement, or a fixed-term lease, is a written contract for a term of tenancy that is usually six-months or a year.

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A landlord, for instance, may not charge a tenant to replace a worn hallway carpet, but can charge the tenant for the cost of fixing large holes in the wall.

The landlord must return any unused portion of the security deposit within the time specified by a state's guidelines.

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