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Boyega is a black actor with a lead role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.By all accounts, he turns in a charming and sympathetic performance as Finn, a Stormtrooper with a conscience.In a private group called “Can’t Stump Trump” on the mobile chat service Kik, you’ll find teenagers — between trading weightlifting tips, preferences in female body type, and racist memes — heaping praise on the frontrunner in the Republican presidential race.They claim to support him because he is against “immigration from culturally incompatible ethnic groups,” because “he doesn’t support political correctness,” because “[h]e's not a good candidate for people who care about others, which I don't. The new counterculture can be, at times, so over the top and so ridiculous that it reads as an elaborate performance.Beneath literally every page on 8chan lurks Trump’s face, which, as Elspeth Reeve put it wonderfully, is “very good to look at.” It is the avatar of Chanterculture.A feverish industry of meme-making has grown up around its contours. Trump performs for the Chanterculture a very similar function to the one he does for his political supporters: giving loud public voice to culturally unsafe (racist, xenophobic, hateful, choose your adjective) sentiments.A legion of horribles chasing Ellen Pao from Reddit for trying to make it marginally less hateful.A shock tactics internet comedy troupe threatening the life of a female game developer for lulz. This racist, reactionary, offense-embracing, meme-savvy internet is not simply a disparate collection of ravings from immature and bitter young men with too much time on their hands.

And then he made a telling appeal to his audience:“If you have ever felt bullied, or victimised, or harassed, or marginalised – not by bullshit imaginary concepts like the 'patriarchy' but by people who want to stop you expressing yourself and who call you a loser, a manbaby, a shitlord, a privileged cishet white male – then Milo Yiannopoulos is for you.”Think for a moment about the demographic Yiannopoulos is appealing to as victims: young English-speaking white men, perhaps the least victimized group of people in the world, to whom popular and consumer culture have long catered and who are now angry because they are not doing so quite so much as they were, gosh, a year ago.And that is precisely because the major media platforms of our time — Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, You Tube — have ushered in this diversity, with original programming featuring people of color and content partnerships with media companies that do the same, as much as with the enforcement of anti-hate-speech Terms of Service.

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