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, doles out heavy doses of honesty, emotions and inspiration.

She recounts her personal evolution through recovery using the Twelve Steps, taking the reader from her addictions to alcohol, co-dependency, sugar, and overconsumption to sobriety, balance and coming out with writing that conveys a raw honesty rarely portrayed in celebrity self-discovery memoirs.

When I became sober I started working on self-honesty because that is the key to staying sober. I had all sorts of other non-traditional girl toys.

That is part of the process — you have to be real about what you are really feeling inside and deal with life on life’s terms. I can look back and say my natural inclination was to be gay. I knew I had a certain discomfort around girls and then women.

And what happened was once I got sober, I saw a lot of videos where animals are tortured in factory farms.

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So I realized that there is an addictive component to over-consumption.“Not until I became physically and emotionally sober could I make decisions based on good intentions.Honesty is an option, even when you don’t think it is,” she told , which was a psychological analysis of crime and how it relates to ordinary individuals and how we share some of the same toxic secrets that criminals kill over. Well, it actually sort of evolved like most things in life.When I had this relationship with Sandra, I realized wow, this is what romance is supposed to be like. I met Sandra in 2002 at a Farm Sanctuary Gala at The Beverly Hills Hotel. And we got really close working together and we fell in love. He is a great guy and we had a great relationship, but until I met Sandra I didn’t know what I was missing. You also talk a lot about your animal rights work, veganism and going green. I also talk about going Vegan because it is something that is important and is really my passion.

She was shooting video for the organization and she tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could interview me. Farm Sanctuary then asked us to shoot a video together. People can realize that they don’t have to eat the way they do.Meat production is the biggest cause of global warming. But the idea of playing the Beatles is very appealing to me.