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11-Mar-2020 14:11

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There is one instant of using the name of Jesus in a negative way, but is made in a comical delight that you forget it was there.

There’s some talk about sex, some sensual subject matter, and a scene of violence.

Like I said I recommend this to those who can deal with the above mentioned and accept them as making the movie what it is. It has some objectionable material such as the frequent use of the word a**.

There is some frank talk about sex that’s not appropriate for small children, but I think if OK for young teenagers.

Rocky marriages, marriages surviving personal loss and pain, adulturous marriages, abuse in marriage and manipulation in marriages.

As the characters became more transparent, I found myself wondering how many people could catagorize their “personal situation” to the plots unraveling in the movie.

The film features the first on-screen appearance of Jill Scott, who plays Sheila with such power and integrity that she is the driving force of the movie.

(A backstory is that the singer/actress HERSELF was going through a divorce at the time. ) The same can’t be said for Janet Jackson, who I felt was miscast as the psychiatrist teacher/friend, as this was her first role in seven years (last seen in 2000s sequel “The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps”).

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While enjoying the movie, one particular characteristic became apparent: types of marriages.She told us that if we saw it we could avoid some of the problems she experienced in the past in her former marriage.