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29-Mar-2020 04:36

Ultimately John Grant was charged with six counts of attempted murder, and a Health and Safety Code violation for taking explosives aboard a public conveyance.

Not surprisingly, Grant decided not to hurl himself under the judicial bus after all and he entered a plea of innocent and innocent by reason of insanity at his arraignment.

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He said: Maybe the enormity of what he’d planned dawned on Grant for a moment because officers found a crudely fashioned noose of mattress strips hidden in his cell, even though he’d only been left alone for less than 30 minutes.

While Grant was awaiting trial his wife, Betty, filed for and was granted a divorce from her homicidally inclined husband.

She was also awarded full custody of their two children — in fact John would not be permitted to ever set eyes on his son or daughter again and Betty was given the right to return to her maiden name.

But of course Grant wasn’t plotting murder for money alone — (look for the woman).

There was a woman waiting for Grant — a pretty, red-haired airline stewardess named Betty Suomela. He told her that he was separated from his wife and that he had no children.

Suomela wasn’t the only “other woman” in Grant’s life.