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Adam Sires and Michael Nourmand of Nourmand & Associates were the listing agents. Wood, 27, and Moennig, 36, both attended the Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden in L. Once inside, out bisexual Wood and Moennig, best known for playing a lesbian on Showtime’s “They were holding hands and looked very much like a couple.” Inside, the two went off to a secluded table where they “kept close all night,” according to the insider.If a list of actors who’ve starred in the most gender-bending roles is compiled, then Katherine Moennig will surely appear in it.Some of the roles that would be counted include that of Jacqueline ‘Jake’ Pratt in the television series .Growing up on the 12th floor of an apartment building in Philly, Moening who became a tomboy at an early age would spend most of her time hanging out with her male neighbors.Her first interest in acting was sparked when she was 10 years old, a time when her best friend motivated her to act in a children’s theater.

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Her focus started to build when she enroled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Luckily for Moennig, her parents who had always understood her lack of interest in academics supported her.

News reporters spotted them (pictured) on a date outside a restaurant in West Hollywood, California in October 2014.

Wood had come out as bisexual three years back in 2012.

Kath had a truckload of artistic genes passed to her by her parents. Moennig III makes the violin, a craft that could have something to do with his own father William Moennig who grew up in Markneukirchen, a small town in Germany famed for musical instruments.

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Additionally, he is an incredible artist who can paint, draw and sculpt anything he sees.She greatly impressed in her debut film role which came in the drama series It is no secret that Katherine Moening is openly gay/lesbian.