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In her Twitter profile bio, writer Liz Tuccillo calls herself a “relationship know-it-all.” She’s not being cute. But a life creating Hollywood romantic comedies does not make you a love doctor.“I was mortified,” she recalls, recounting the press tour she went on to promote He’s Just Not That Into You. Famous for working as a story editor on Sex and the City (she wrote the iconic “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice”), co-writing the bestseller He’s Just Not That Into You, authoring the book How to Be Single, and penning and directing the upcoming indie rom-com Take Care, Liz Tuccillo has made a career writing about love, dating, and romance.This site runs an excellent database of past and present scammers, with good advice on what to avoid..For me, the best is an instant feeling of camaraderie and appreciation..There are no Manolos in Take Care, nor is there a meet-cute, a grand entrance down a staircase, a makeover montage, or any of the formulaic beats that have become trademarks of the polarizing rom-com genre—a genre, she says, that has “gotten very stupid.”Starring Leslie Bibb as a woman recently hit by a car and confined to her apartment to convalesce and Thomas Sadoski as her ex-boyfriend, Take Care is surprisingly intimate—it pretty much exclusively takes place in a small Manhattan apartment—and actually quite provocative in concept.Bibb’s character, Frannie, lost her job spending two years taking care of Sadoski’s character, Devon, when they were together and he had cancer.Now she’s at a low point, and her friends are too busy to care for her.

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Sex and the City fans were right behind her, ready to preach.“Everyone wants to talk about terrible breakups,” Tuccillo says, when asked to surmise the episode’s popularity.People who share such huge parts of your life—when they’re gone, what do they mean to you? ”Tuccillo says she relished the fact that it’s a small film, shot entirely in one apartment, features a lead actress who spends most of the movie unbathed instead of in designer gowns, and missing most of the trappings of a rom-com cliché.

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