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The series is heavily serialized so it’d be near impossible to give you a list that hits all the major plot points. This is more a list that will give you a taste of what Some spoilers are ahead but nothing that should horrifically impact your viewing. I mean come on, you see all the promotional art and think, “Right, robots and mecha pilots.If you do want to go in fresh, just start from the beginning. Whatever.” "The Long Wait" instead dives head first into drama, with the good-natured Rick and naïve Minmei trapped in the bowels of the space battle fortress SDF-1. It’s almost a two-person stage play with Rick struggling to be the mature one while Minmei alternates from happy go lucky to downright terrified.Something to remind him that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.If you haven’t noticed by now, I love when characters just get to sit around and chill.) but on a whole it’s an emotionally engaging ride.

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It’s not without its problems (the Max and Miriya "courtship", am I right?

With the help of some clever editing and voiceover, the three series more or less work as a whole.