Mandy musgrave and gabrielle christian dating

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Matt Cohen grew up in South Florida where he played football and track in high school and also graduated with a 3.8 GPA.After high school he studied business at Florida State, where he also took some theatre classes.The Second film yet to be released is the Musical prequel to the Girltrash!web-series titled Girltrash: All Night Long where she once again portrays Colby Robson. In 2006 she appeared as Miranda Keyton in the Truth Be Told and Priceless episodes of Windfall. Christian acquired her first acting job while she still attending high school at Eleanor Roosevelt High School located in Greenbelt, Maryland, on the television series Young Americans.

On the most romantic thing he has ever done for a girl: I've done a lot of things that are semi-romantic and kind of cheesy with writing and that stuff.

and its Musical Prequel Film Girltrash: All Night Long. web-series along side South of Nowhere co-star Mandy Musgrave. In 2010 she appeared as Justine Grogan the daughter of Abbey (Jennifer Grey) on the Unplanned Parenthood episode of House.

In addition, she has also guest starred on Drake & Josh, Windfall, Without a Trace, and What Should You Do? Christian was born Gabrielle Christian Horchler in Washington D. Gabrielle has two films yet to be released the first being You're Cordially Uninvited where she portrays Rose, A woman whom is getting ready to get married to another woman Lisa, but wishes not to have to face her parents and how they’ll react to it.

All of the South of Nowhere stars tend to appear in each others work.

Danso Gordon and Matt Cohen are staring together in the movie "Dark House".Culture is deeply rooted, and if an Asian person might not follow the tradition of their heritage, they can others.