Mcafee antivirus not updating

07-Aug-2020 07:53

My DAT Deployment report on my EPO server shows that they are out of date version 4 or 5.I had tried to manually update each time by replacing the names, scan & clean dat.Schedule security scans when you’re not using your PC.Automatic scans and updates occur when your PC is idle.I would suggest no one rely on this to protect their 4 editions; Avast Endpoint Protection, Avast Endpoint Protection Plus, Avast Endpoint Protection Suite, and Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus.It has come to my attention that Windows 10 is totally not compatible with Mc Afee Anti-virus protection.

With thousands of new viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates isn't enough anymore.At this stage, I am wondering whether others are seeing the same problems, or is it just the two computers here.Incidently, a work computer running Mc Afee enterprise did update to the Jan 08 data version yesterday. Normally, an update loads a difference file between the previous version and the current version.The laptop has a slower CPU than the desktop, which is probably why it is more noticeable. I do most of my work with linux, where I don't notice any impact of Mc Afee.

On an office machine running XP, Mc Afee Enterprise does noticeably load the machine. When running Windows, I don't notice any significant slowdown due to Mc Afee. When running Windows, I only notice a Mc Afee slowdown when it is updating.On both systems, Mc Afee has not updated for a couple of days.