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The COC Orchestra under Johannes Debus follows Goerke in close step—which with a reinforced army of musicians resulting in three violin and viola sections, as well as bulked up clarinets, horns and trumpets—is a considerable achievement.

Richard Strauss’ score, the first of his many collaborations with librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal, has a well-deserved reputation for loudness but it also contains intimate and lyrical moments where is called for.

They could be working inhabitants of an estate, roughing it up in the bush in the way of Susanna Moodie, or perhaps stuck in a decaying manor on the British moors.

Both sisters wear dresses that have seen better days: Erin Wall’s Chrysothemis trying to look more put-together and marriageable; Goerke’s Elektra, wild and barefoot.

After Orest avenges his father by killing his mother, he never returns to the stage in as he is already being pursued by the Furies for matricide—and this storyline continues in Greek legend and the tragedies based on it.

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Susan Bullock is in a Victorian black mourning outfit with a personal retinue of two gossiping ladyservants (Lauren Margison and Simone Mc Intosh) always on hand.She is a teen with teen moods and delusions, but not a caricature, and she delivers the lines that tell of bloodshed and the tomb’s chill darkness as if sharing secrets with a confidante or diary.Her final dance upon hearing the news of Orest’s matricide is more childish twirling than maenad frenzy., which Hofmannsthal distilled from his Greek tragedy sources: a woman eager for somebody to avenge the death of her father waits long enough for her itinerant brother to come back home and do it.

It’s the preceding and the subsequent stuff that matters, action-wise.

), Robinson and Costume Designer Anita Stewart have replaced their original abstract, expressionist concept of an indeterminate era with designs that are more historically specific.