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06-Oct-2020 03:20

Junior marksman Mark Stout, 20, of Waterford, MI, has been a National Matches attendee since 2012 and has since claimed multiple High Junior honors in a variety of vintage rifle events. He’s been involved in competitive shooting since before I was even born, and the shooting sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.He also holds Junior Records in the National Carbine and John C. My dad taught me and my brother to shoot safely and accurately when we were young, and he would often bring us to his police pistol matches so we could watch him compete.How did you become involved with the University of Michigan band?The day I went to the music store to buy my first trumpet, my mom (who also studied at U of M), showed me a video of the Michigan Marching Band.

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I attended summer music camps, auditioned for All-State honors bands and took private lessons to push my playing to higher and higher standards.Shooting alongside my dad and brother really feels natural at this point, and I suppose that’s because competitive shooting has always been a family affair for me.It’s something unique that my family does together which has kept us close as my brother and I have grown older. My father is a lieutenant with the West Bloomfield police department.

They wouldn’t let me compete in the matches until I turned 12, but by the time I turned 14 I had beaten most of the other police officers who worked at my dad’s station!

If I’m not careful, it’s easy to let myself fixate on shooting a particular score.