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Durham Nightline is a student listening service which is open between the hours of 9pm and 7am, each night of term.

If it is the case that you recognise the voice of the volunteer and are uncomfortable speaking to them, there is no problem in asking to speak to the other volunteer on duty.

We do not receive the phone number or email address of the caller and your identity will always remain non-traceable unless you choose to disclose it.

People were lured to meet with a decoy under the pretense of sexual contact, then confronted and interviewed by Hansen, and finally arrested by local law enforcement.

The series premiered in November 2004, and featured 12 investigations in total held across the United States.

Whilst friends and family may know your situation and be able to offer an opinion, Nightline volunteers offer a non-judgemental listening ear who will not judge your situation in any way, but instead be there to offload to and chat things through with.

Since the third installment, law enforcement and other officials were also involved, leading to the arrests of most individuals caught. NBC affiliates WTMJ in Milwaukee, KSHB in Kansas City and WBRE in Wilkes-Barre have also done local versions of To Catch a Predator.Each person’s situation is unique and therefore what may work for one person, is not guaranteed to work for another – the volunteer will talk to you about your situation and help you to work through your thoughts, but they will not try to lecture, advise or judge your situation. Students contact Nightline about a variety of things but each and every call or message is equally important and whatever it is that you talk about, volunteers will treat you in the same way.