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Prehire Due Diligence Generally, employers should avoid surprises like the one experienced by the office manager described above by exercising proper prehire due diligence with all employees.

A good practice is to ask employees on applications whether they have ever been convicted of a felony and, if so, to disclose details.

Offenders who do not meet Tennessee’s criteria, but are required to register in other states, are also required to register under certain circumstances.

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When Epstein was arrested again for what amounted to essentially the same crimes, Acosta stepped down as Labor Secretary in the Trump administration.

The employee’s union grieved the discharge and the case was headed to arbitration over whether the employer had just cause to discharge the employee.

Regardless of the outcome, the employer had taken appropriate steps to protect itself and the people in its workplace.

Inevitably, pages printed from Megan’s Law Websites are passed around the workplace, fostering gossip and, in some cases, embellishment of the facts.

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The Safe Workplace In most states, employers are forced to walk a delicate line between their obligation to provide a safe workplace for employees and their obligation to refrain from considering an employee’s criminal history, except as it relates to suitability for employment.No doubt about it: the employee was a registered sex offender.